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Elegy For A Revolutionary

Based on a true story, two friends against the apartheid–era government struggle to keep their friendship intact as they consider whether violence can be justified as a way of opposing tyranny.

ELEGY FOR A REVOLUTIONARY has won 11 Best Narrative Short Awards on the International film festival circuit and a total of 23 Awards all together.

Director: Paul van Zyl Writer: Paul van Zyl Producer: Stacy Ekstein Editor: Ryan Knight Cinematographer: Chris Ekstein Music: Andrew Jed

Brian Ames plays Donald Quick Martin Copping plays Jeremy James Michael Enright plays Sersant   This film tells the true story of the South African white anti-apartheid activist John Harris who engaged in extreme methods of protest against segregation and was eventually hung.

John Harris was a white anti-apartheid martyr and in 1965 he was hung in Pretoria Central Prison for an anti-apartheid bombing: the first and only white person put to death for political crimes in apartheid South Africa. An idealist, he planted a bomb intending to demonstrate that whites, too opposed racial segregation. But the bomb threat he phoned in was not acted upon, and the device killed several people. His story is one of betrayal when a small group dreamed that they could help topple the apartheid regime by blasting down electric pylons and government installations. They called themselves the African Resistance Movement. Like many others, John Harris, became convinced that there was no way left to influence the apartheid situation except by clandestine activity. His conviction was secured with the states-evidence turn of one of his compatriots. For this betrayal, his compatriot’s freedom was earned and was exiled while Harris was executed.