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This story is set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in March of 1964, one week prior to the military revolution that over-threw the civil and democratic government.  In this environment a family is dismantled and the film shows how an ordinary family may face difficult decisions in times of crisis.

Cast: Chelsea Poole Perry White, Jr. Alan Dior Melina Pires Menguini

Crew: Writer/Director/Producer:  Siglia Diniz Director of Photography:  Tim Morten Lighting/Gaffer: David Fukumoto Editor:  Lakpathy Wijesekara Music:  Kevin MacLeod

Backstory: The little girl, Chelsea, in her audition at the age of 5 had memorized her lines (with the help of her mother) and knew the story by heart.  In addition, she went to google to research about Brazil.  And, at the set, she would memorize the other actor’s lines… we were always laughing with her.

I wrote this story almost 10 years ago, and being a Brazilian, I am always interested in learning more about how ordinary people deal with political (Brazilian) crisis.  This story is based on real events.