Shorts Showcase


Lunch In Lima

Written and Directed by Gail Gilbert
Executive Producer: Dorothy MacKevich Marks
Cinematography: Filip Dvorak
Art Direction: Gaby Kuhn
Costume Design: Gaby Kuhn

Rengin Altay
Adrianne Cury
Julie Greenberg
Susannah Kavanaugh
Isabel Quintero

LUNCH IN LIMA is the recreation of an experience my mother had when she was living in Lima, Peru as a young woman. She told me the story many times while I was growing up, and she always ended it with the line, “and that is when I knew there would be a revolution in my lifetime.” Clearly the memory of an afternoon she had spent in an aristocratic Peruvian home had haunted her for her entire life.

At age 87, after she was riddled with dementia, I showed her the script, not thinking she would be able to comprehend it. In a flash of lucidity, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “That is exactly how it was. They were just awful people.” I quickly grabbed my iPhone and asked her to say the end line. Luckily, she spoke into my phone and delivered the final message before she returned to her state of confusion.

Six months later, a few days after the shoot, my mother died. I was so grateful that she had approved my project and had actually participated in it.