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Crown Prince of Heaven

What if Jesus didn’t want to be Jesus?  What if he was born into this legacy that he rejected?  What if He, too, had the free will to shun salvation, our salvation?  What price would Jesus pay to be his own man, walk his own path, live his own life.  What price will we pay for his decision.

God wants to bring about the second coming of Jesus to absolve man’s new sins.  Jesus says, “No, man isn’t worth saving.”

Written and Directed by:  Crystal Holt Produced by:  Elizabeth Ai Director of Photography:  Jacob Howard Editor:  Bobby Hewitt Visual Effects:  Jale Parsons / Jeff Fuller Composer:  Alexander Tovar

CAST: Stephen Rider as Jesus Dwight Hicks as God Steve West as Judas Jolene Andersen as Mary Magdalene Pamela Taylor as Virgin Mary Christopher Karl Johnson as Joseph Amanda Michaels as Holly aka The Holy Spirit Juan Caraccioli as Lucifer Joel Hebner as Gabriel Janalyn Walton as Marisol Leslie Gilliam as Candy Kal Davis as David Elizabeth Ai as Sasha Shu Ling Kendahl Lauren Gardner as Young Virgin Mary

BACKSTORY: The world has not become a better place since the resurrection of Jesus.  Jesus’ sacrifice was in vain.  But,  He has scarcely noticed as He has been living amongst man as a mere mortal.  Jesus has been on a quest to find himself and live his own life for the better part of 2,000 years.  And while he has been loving  Mary Magdalene, befriending Lucifer and roaming the countryside with Judas, God has been formulating a plan to get His son back to heaven and right the known world.  It is on the dawn of this plan (a second coming) that this film opens.  God has already revealed his plan of a second crucifixion to Jesus, but He can’t force Jesus’ hand.  Jesus, too, has free will, and He will not go willingly — not without a fight, an explanation and a promise of better things to come.  Even then, His choice is uncertain.  Who will he save?  The world or himself.