Shorts Showcase


Crazy Town – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

There’s no place like home – thank goodness! Escaping her abusive mother (Sean Young), Eve  (Kyla E. Druckman) runs headlong into the crazy, magical and illusion filled world of Hollywood – or should we say *delusion* filled?


Kyla E. Druckman

Sean Young

Michael Monks

Hana Hayes

Matt Mercer

Jay Gillespie

Ed Gale
Jules Dameron — Director

Kyla E. Druckman & Carson Turell — Writers

Carson Turell — Producer

Kyla E. Druckman / Michael Druckman / Kevin Berman / Jim Davison —  Exec. Producers

Nick Van Dam, Damien Hedgecoth, Peter Paul Basler — Co-Producers

Gerardo Garcia, Jr. — Composer

Adam Bricker – Cinematography

Scott McNamara – Editor

The director, Jules Dameron, is an award-winning deaf female director. This film was her first mainstream film with an all hearing cast and crew. Jules won Best Director for MockFest of 2014.

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