Shorts Showcase


Buckeye – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

A buckeye tree stands alone on a hillside, surrounded by nature but close to civilization.  A pair of hikers — middle-aged, possibly married — are seen mid-argument as the man, ‘Victor,’ berates the woman, ‘Virginia,’ and flicks her head with a fingernail while she silently endures his verbal and physical abuse.  As they approach the tree, Victor storms off, leaving Virginia at the tree.  Sitting against the trunk, sheltered by its overarching leaves and branches, Virginia fantasizes about killing herself or killing Victor.  Will she leave him after all?

Awards:  Scary Cow Film Festival Members Award

Writer/Director:  Michael Mesmer Cinematographer:  Chris Hebert Editor: Jason Shankel Music:  Lev Strider Production Sound:  Pauline VanBeek Asst. Camera/Director:  Kevin David Jones Sound Editor:  Michael Schrecker Add’l Music:  LordRifa

Cast: Sheila Savage Karl Mossberger

BACKSTORY: BUCKEYE was filmed entirely on location in Novato, CA.  It was crewed almost entirely (except for the music) by members of the San Francisco-based independent film collective Scary Cow ( ).  It premiered at the 20th Scary Cow Film Festival on Juy 3, 2013 at the Castro Theater, where it won a Members Award and budget dollars towards new work.

Genre: Experimental Drama