Shorts Showcase


The Blonde Divas

The Blonde Divas

William Beck as Producer/Director Robert Alexander as CO Producer.

TNDV Productions Co.   Adam Ellis Joey Herro,  was in charge of the video,camera directed camera men lighting and sound people Robin Ruddy, The Parlor Recording Studio    Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, Phil Martin,  owner: Fiddle and Steel Owner: Alison Bradsher  Band Leader: Corey Hughes (the drummer) Bo Roberts, composer of “What Mama Wants mama gets” and “Southern Peaches make the best jam”  Elvis was Chris Baratta The really HOT guitar player at BB Boogie Bar was Joel Hutsell.

Shorts Showcase Annual Festival Awards 2015

Shorts Showcase Annual Festival Award
Shorts Showcase Critics Award
Shorts Showcase Animated Film Category Award
Shorts Showcase Documentary Category Award
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