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The Birdman of Rancho Mirage

Follows and showcases Joel Kocen’s amazing photography of birds.

CREW: Directed by:  Joel Hochberg Executive Produced by:  Bruce Franchini Edited by:  Joel Hochberg Music Arranged and Performed by:  John Bayless Photography:  Joel Kocen

The Back Story: A mutual friend of the two Joels, Bruce Franchini, suggested that Joel H get to know Joel K and his amazing bird photography. I fell in love with Joel K and his birds immediately.  Many of my docs feature people with passion.  Here was a successful businessman who had not exhibited his artful photographs to the world. He also allowed me to record the how, why, where, when of his passion. A perfect subject for an interesting and unique documentary. The very first time we met I knew there was only one title for the video:  THE BIRDMAN of RANCHO MIRAGE.


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