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ANIMATION: Most Votes:      Leave Honey on Your Skin Kristy Linderholm- Director/Producer/Adaptation Penelope Nederlander & Kristy Linderholm – Animation   Most Views:      The Further Adventures of Dot Amy Neswald   Critics Choice:   Floyd the Android – Dim Bulb Jonathan Lyons   COMEDY: Most Votes:      Psycho Kitties Colleen Stratton – Writer/Director/Producer   Most Views:      Little Shrink Lee […]

CES – For Content Creators

Content creators have much to be happy about!   As I was driving into Las Vegas, I was completely open minded (and excited) about what I would find at my very first International CES.  I read the PR – “…the International CES is the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of […]

Content Creators: Providing Short Films

I live in the short form content world.  We create product for today’s audience – they like it quick, to the point, fun, entertaining, preferably without commercials (but willing to pay that price of time for something decent) and with constant newness.  Hello short films!   Providing short films to the world is a no […]

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