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Shorts Showcase Festival 2014 Vote Now… Deadline for Voting is July 31st…

Shorts Showcase Festival 2014 Submission Deadlines have been extended to June 30th 2014. The large number of submissions we are receiving are making the Festival bigger and better, and has allowed us to extend the submission date. Also, because we are now partnered with the Unicef supported PSGFF youth film festival,, the Shorts Showcase Festival is being postponed to September 2014. The exact date will be announced soon. . As the festival is getting bigger and better we were are able to extend the submission date.

As we are still in discussion with the social media (You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter) they want more involvement in the Festival. For contractual reasons we would not be ready this year to have specific Social Media title awards. Therefore we had to change the award categories. The votes/likes will be still counted from our website, as well as mobile app and on our social media channels.

See you in September of the Shorts Showcase Festival 2014 Gala Event.

Shorts Showcase Annual Festival Awards 2014

Shorts Showcase Annual Festival Award
Shorts Showcase Critics Award
Shorts Showcase Animated Film Category Award
Shorts Showcase Documentary Category Award
Shorts Showcase Drama Category Award
Shorts Showcase Comedy Category Award