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A Shorts Showcase Post


Recently, my business partner and I faced the finely orchestrated mayhem that is NATPE, at the gorgeous Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach – what a beautiful venue – and aside from the pouring rain on the last day – the weather was gorgeous, and it was a mecca for us content creators!

We walked the cabana’s, held meetings in the lobby lounge, the coffee bar, poolside, at the parties and braved the ever increasing lines at the elevators – and met incredible people!  Buying, selling, creating and distributing CONTENT!  It is all about Content at NATPE.

Another interesting change evolving here is the increasing presence of Digital Media companies and distributors of that media.  I spoke with Frank Sinton, CEO of Beachfront Media, who’s company provides a turnkey solution for distributing and monetizing content – especially online and mobile (big topic for my company!)  They assist their clients in reaching their target audiences – with over 500 million potential viewers per month available – they’ve got a great handle on this medium!  Maker Studios and Freemantle are just a couple of the companies they work with ….  So they know of what they speak!   This is one of the greatest things happening now for content creators – finding these companies that now have years of experience behind them who can really help guide us in the global monetization and distribution marketplace.

Speaking of Maker Studios, they made their first presence here as well!  The top team was in their cabana and it was great to see this evolution of growth into the online distribution marketplace!  Maker is really stepping forward to evolve their company – and provide additional reach for their stable of content creators.

I met with Laurent Dumeau, CEO of TRACE Sports, they produce tv about the real human beings of celebrity sports figures and music stars…. very interesting stuff – and he was there picking up distribution for his content – one country here, another there…  The same with many of the other producers I met along the way.

There is no shortage of content creators – we are everywhere and never before has their been such a democratization of distribution for our content!  We have online, mobile and traditional television available to us and now, good companies to help us monetize and maneuver this global distribution and market.  We still need to create good content – that is still the number one thing!  Everyone can make content these days – with their iPhones and iPads – but good, compelling, entertaining content is still the most desired.

I am encouraged about the possibilities for having our content – and yours as well – get worldwide distribution.  It is available but we have to be smart and pay attention – plus get out there and let others know about it.  Fortunately, in today’s global reach – we have more opportunities than every before and we have lots of control of our reach.  We are no longer tethered to the studio or network system – we can create content, put it online and work social media to build our audience – but tell a good story – that is still number one!

We’re gearing up for our annual excursion to NAB this April – one of my favorite shows of the year – because if you want to MAKE content – this is the motherlode!  If there is a business that manufactures products or provides services to the content creators – it will be present at NAB!

I’ll bring you as much information as possible in my travels and experiences in the world of content creation and distribution!  As they say in television – stay tuned!