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CES – For Content Creators

Content creators have much to be happy about!


As I was driving into Las Vegas, I was completely open minded (and excited) about what I would find at my very first International CES.  I read the PR – “…the International CES is the global gathering place for all who thrive on the business of innovation.”  Amazing tech breakthroughs and thousands of new product introductions, new technologies come to life. The International CES is owned and produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) ®.   My mind was completely open, but… I have to admit…  not entirely without my own focus on our products and how they play into today’s new media opportunities.


You see, our company produces content – some for Broadcast on PBS (regionally throughout Southern California), and, now, Nationally on the DISH Network, reaching an average of 20 million viewers each week – so we’re pretty excited!  Not all are tuned in at the same time, mind you, but the point is – we have distribution – and this is something content creators should absolutely consider when they are making their product.


To further this conversation, Content Creators have more opportunity than ever before to have distribution of their products – there are the Maker Studios, the Fullscreen’s, the Machinema’s – it all depends on the genre of your content.  The good news is, with YouTube, Amazon and Vimeo – the content creators can always post their product and work it to get views –and with enough views these companies will come after you – and then you share revenue with online ads.  This is a sweet proposition – but not for the faint of heart!  This takes work – constantly working your social media to get more interaction with viewers/fans/friends.


As a content creator myself, I am always interested in where I can get distribution for my product – and moreover – monetize that product.   The good news is – we are now living in a changing world as far as content is concerned – and – Content is KING.


We ran into Rod Perth, the President and CEO of NATPE, now in its 51st year serving the television industry is, he told us that this year’s theme is “No barriers. New business.” And reflects a commitment to creating a market for the linear and digital communities, as well as advertisers and brands.  NATPE is committed to encouraging the growth and supporting the success of video content development, creations, production, financing and distribution across all platforms.

NATPE, beginning January 26th in Miami Beach, is the leader in bringing buyers and sellers of television programming together, and here is where Content truly is king!   And while television programming is central to this, we attended panels last year that were focused on Online and mobile as on the rise – like a hockey stick!

As per CES, “Driven by millennial viewing behavior and a surge in online video advertising, second screen viewing experiences have accelerated greatly in recent months, driving content creators to adapt their user experiences to support both companion and viewing experiences.”   This is where it is going – and has already begun.


As for Studios and what is happening for content creators – that whole system is in flux.   Ryan Kavanaugh of Relativity Media, another great speaker at CES, had this to say:  “We need to make other kinds of content and lots of it,”  giving examples of how Relativity has expanded into sports, gaming and fashion to not only represent talent but produce content around them. “The current legacy structures at the studios doesn’t allow that,” he said.   Relativity is producing 11 series around 400 athletes, for example, works with Major League Gaming and will soon launch a new branded entertainment division.  This is global media thinking!  Most feature films made today have an International market in mind and strive to build “Tentpoles”– long running franchises – states producer Lynda Obst, so if that is now what you are creating – look to the second screen – and you have plenty of opportunity there.


So to all the content creators out there, celebrate!  You have options!  The consumer is in charge – and you are in charge of getting your content to them.  I am a firm believer in traditional Broadcast, but we learned a while ago – to expand this outreach to include mobile and web – the 2nd screen.


Keep creating!