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A Shorts Showcase Post

Content Creators: Providing Short Films

I live in the short form content world.  We create product for today’s audience – they like it quick, to the point, fun, entertaining, preferably without commercials (but willing to pay that price of time for something decent) and with constant newness.  Hello short films!


Providing short films to the world is a no brainer.  Short films are not yet seeing their Halcion days – but their time is on the rise and certainly emerging.  Students who want to enter the film industry make short films; actors who want to show agents their skill range – make short films; actors who want to develop their skills in filmmaking as Directors – make short films.  We have interviews with leading filmmakers, actors, agents, producers, directors, casting agents – who all applaud the short film – why?  Because it is the  – and I mean THE – way to hone your skills, show your talents – and ultimately – get you gigs and enhance your career.  In essence – short films are the Bomb!


There are several Short Film Festivals in the world – Palm Springs has a great one, LA has some – but you need to GO there and buy tickets and plan this travel.  Its great to do that, but if you are a filmmaker without a studio pocket or budget (like most are) and you want your film to get exposure – what do you do?


First – you submit to all the festivals you can – but they have rules – one being that the film had to be made within the last year…etc., the most prestigious festivals do not want films that premiered elsewhere – and the list goes on.  So for the filmmaker – they submit, pay their fees, excitedly wait for the reply of acceptance to the festival – and many do get that.  Sadly, many great films, indeed, do not make it into festivals.


But why, you ask…  here is what I have learned:  I have spoken with many judges of short films – those who watch the films for the festival operators.  Many have said that they see plenty of really stellar films and give them the rankings they are trained (seriously) to give – some have even gone as far as to have the programmer double check them because they came in with more top rated films than normal (a new trend).  One scenario I will state here – is one of the toughest judges for one festival said that out of the 300 films he judged, at least 20 received top grades – something not normal for this guy – so he asked for review – and lo and behold, all were worthy of that grade – only 8 of those 20 made it into the festival.  Why?  Not because they were not good – but they did not fit in timing, there were too many in that genre, etc., etc., etc.


So, dear filmmaker, please do not judge your livelihood on not getting accepted to a film festival – please know you truly can have the greatest film made – and still not make it into a festival – merely because it did not fit…  Do NOT give up!!!


Today there are a growing number of places for short films to have a life.  It is a changing world – and this is good news for the filmmaker.  Embrace it!!  We’re here to help!